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We often get asked how you can optimize your website page speed. That’s why this site was set up to help you find a fast lightweight website.

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Designers often Overlook Website Page speed

You just had a new website built by spending months on its design, layout, and content. But only after you find that your website does not load fast enough. Many web designers and business owners often overlook page speed in their website design and development. This could cost thousands of dollars more to redesign the website for page speed optimization.

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website page speed

What is Website Page Speed?

It is the load speed of a particular page on a site also called Page Load Time or Time to First Byte.
It is the time it takes to fully display the full content of that page from the web server on a web browser.

High Speed Score

This website got a high performance score on Google PageSpeed Insights.

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Better SEO

It improves UX, bounces, conversions, SEO, and Google Search rankings.

website page speed

Mobile-Friendly Responsive and Website Page Speed

Mobile is the future of the web. In 2018 Google launched mobile-first indexing which means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of a website instead of desktop for indexing and ranking when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user’s query on Google Search. In other words, mobile-friendly responsive websites will rank higher. This is the reason why Google PageSpeed Insights test mobile versions for speed first.

You should hire web designers to design mobile-friendly responsive and speed-optimized websites from the outset.

Get a Website Speed & Performance Test!

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website page speed
website page speed
website page speed
website page speed
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