We create the real estate website you want with many features that are popular among real estate agents and brokers, and property management companies to showcase their property listings for sale or rent.

Check out our one-page real estate websites if you are looking for just a simple real estate website instead.

WordPress Real Estate Websites

We use WordPress, the world’s leading online content management system that powers over 35% of the websites around the world to build your real estate websites.  This market share rises every day.

WordPress powers the web from simple websites, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even apps. It combines simplicity for end users like you and complexity for developers like us.

Target Audience

  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate brokers
  • Property management companies
  • Any real estate companies (rental and/or sale)
real estate websites

Features of Real Estate Websites

Your real estate website may have the following features.

real estate websites

Show or hide any field from given fields and customize the data that will be displayed in those fields

Display multiple location fields, modify Min and Max price values, and modify the search behaviors and values for beds and baths fields

Up to 4 location dropdowns to produce search fields like Country > State > City > Area which work for locations hierarchy automatically with customizable numbers and labels

real estate websites

Real Estate Search Form Over Image

Put a search form over a background image on the homepage to replace the slider image

Customize image, search form fields, text titles, colors and margins

real estate websites

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps with properties markers on search results page, properties list & grid pages, property detail page, homepage, contact page and taxonomy archive pages

real estate websites

Real Estate Properties Comparison

Your website visitors can add properties to a compare pool and later on compare those properties side by side.

Visitor do not need to login to use this feature.

real estate websites

List Layout, Grid Layout and Half Map Layout

We can display properties in list layout, grid layout and half map layout.

real estate websites

Floor Plans

We can add any number of floor plans related to a real estate property.

real estate websites

Property Attachments

We can provide various types of files e.g. PDF, DOCX, JPG, and PNG) as attachments to a property.

real estate websites

Similar Properties

We can display properties similar to the current property on your real estate websites.

real estate websites

Child or Sub Properties

We can display any sub/child properties e.g. apartments in a building. Each child property works as a full property independently.

real estate websites

Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA integration on all the forms can be added to prevent spam.

real estate websites

Listing of Agents

All agents with related contact details can be added on one page.

real estate websites

Visitors Registration and Login Using Social Networks

We can provide visitor registration, login and forgot password features on your real estate websites to let visitors access members only features.

We can allow your website visitors to login using supported social networks.

real estate websites

Front End Property Submit with Paid Auto Publishing

Restrict certain level of users from accessing administrator dashboard and provide them an interface on the front end to submit their properties.  Your website administrator/editor can review and publish submitted properties.

We can enable auto publishing of a submitted property as soon as the user pays a fee which requires online payment feature.

real estate websites

Properties Front End Management

Allow logged in users to preview their submitted properties, edit any property’s information, remove a property and make a payment to publish a property

A user can pay a fee to get his submitted property published which requires online payment feature.

Favorite Properties

A visitor can add properties to his/her favorites collection which s/he can visit later.

Front End Profile Edit

We can enable a user to edit his profile information without going to the website admin dashboard.

A user can later on choose to display his information with his submitted properties.

Filterable FAQs Support

We can add FAQs to your real estate websites and even make them filterable based on groups.


We can add iHomefinder responsive IDX real estate search and MLS property listings to your real estate websites, with branded drip emails including sold, open and active listings as well as MarketBoost with local market reports to your website and drip emails.

Contact us if you have any questions.