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We manage the domain for you while other providers require you to do it yourself.

Did you know?

To connect you domain to your website or emails, you will need to point your DNS to your web or mail server by creating A or MX records through a control panel.

It may sound simple but most users need to read documentation, watch videos or get online help to get the job done.

If you want peace of mind, register a domain with Azinity.

Your domain with Azinity includes:

connect to your website

connect to your emails

change A records once a year

change MX records once a year

Why Get a Domain?

It gives credibility to your business.

It helps your clients remember you.

It helps people find you on Google.

It makes your website look professional.

Already Have a Domain?

If you already have a domain, you can transfer it to us for peace of mind. We use the world's largest Registrar, GoDaddy to manage domains so your domain will be very secure.

How to transfer?

All you need to do is to purchase our Domain Transfer Service which comes with one-year domain registration fee, Azinity will do the rest for you.

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