Our experts will provide you with WordPress website maintenance services which include updates, support, backups, recovery, and security.

Have you ever had these problems with your website?

You do not have time for non-core business.

You are tired of regular software updates.

Your website has been hacked or down.

Your website is getting finicky.

Some of your website features stop working.

You cannot log in to your website dashboard.

Your web designer or web host is too busy or late to reply.

Regular software (WordPress, themes, and plugins) updates make your website more secure, perform better, and keep track of new features.

Hacks and malware can corrupt your website files so our WordPress website maintenance services ensure that if bad things happen, we will roll back your site to the last pre-attack version.

Outdated WordPress, plugins, and themes are vulnerable to hacking. Our WordPress website maintenance services protect your website from malicious attacks around the clock.

With our WordPress website maintenance services, you can finally put those tedious tasks and issues behind. We give you complete peace of mind.

We have different plans best suited to meet your needs and budgets when it comes to WordPress website maintenance service.

WordPress Website Maintenance Service Plans

All plans exclude the cost of the commercial plugins and themes if any.

* includes backups every day and after each update as well as recoveries to the last version. Daily backups apply only to websites that we host.

** includes adding or editing posts, pages, products, menus, and widgets.

*** Web Application Firewall (WAF) identifies and blocks malicious traffic including brute-force protection. Malware scanner checks core files, themes and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects, and code injections.