WPLMS Academy

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WPLMS Academy is a WordPress Online Learning Management System (LMS) Azinity uses to build your online learning websites. Trusted by over 35% of all the website users around the world, WordPress is the world’s leading online content management system, and your website will be secure and look professional.

WPLMS Academy LMS:

Collaborate with Instructors.

Build Community.

Get more students.

Earn more money.

Mobile-friendly responsive

Target Audience:

Instructors, Schools, Colleges and Universities

WPLMS Academy theme enables you to start your very own social network for your school, college or University.

Corporate Training Centers & Institutes

WPLMS Academy theme enables students to learn courses in groups with managers and/or administrators managing students and grades.

MOOC, Courses Hubs & Professional Coaching

WPLMS Academy theme allows you to invite instructors to collaborate, create and sell courses on your site and earn commissions.

Main Features:

Below are the main features that enable us to build your LMS website quickly and easily.

Front-end Course Creator

Instructors can use the front-end course creation panel without using the web admin panel.

Course Management

Features like add & remove students, student activities, scores, reports, statistics and more.

User Dashboards

Update and notify instructors & students with statistics, graphs, news, downloads, and more.

Activity Recording

User activity recording, see what and when your users did on your website, in your courses.

Notifications, Messages & Emails

Notifications, messages & emails at 30+ action points keep students and instructors updated.

Collaborate & Commissions

Invite instructors to publish and collaborate. Earn commissions on course sales and distribute.

Badges & Certificates

Award course badges and certificates and share your achievements on social media channels.

Quizzes & Questions

Static & dynamic quizzes, sections quiz with manual & auto evaluations with 8 question types.

Upload Assignments

Student homework and upload assignments. Manual evaluation of assignments with remarks.

Mobile Apps

Easily turn the system into mobile apps with offline mode for better reach and education.